MXGP of Germany: MXGP & MX2 Overalls and Championship Standings

The two championship leaders experienced another dominant day in Teutschenthal. Two more victories for Tim Gajser and Jorge Prado puts the pair in commanding championship positions going into the next round in Indonesia in a fortnight. Arnaud Tonus went 2-3 to once again take the runner-up spot, ahead of his Wilvo Yamaha teammate Gautier Paulin who returns to the podium. Pauls Jonass was impressive in race 2 with second place and Julien Lieber has unfortunately been the latest addition to the injury slate, with a fractured elbow in race 1 whilst riding high in second.

Jorge Prado once again went 1-1 in MX2 and this time the best of the rest was his teammate Tom Vialle. Mathys Boisrame got his first grand prix overall podium after coming second in race 2. There was a controversial moment between Henry Jacobi and his F&H Kawasaki teammate Adam Sterry. Jacobi appeared to take out Sterry in a move that has divided opinion.



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