MXGP of Germany: Cairoli & Pootjes out of grand prix

The MXGP title race has certainly taken a turn over the last few weeks, with the momentum decidedly swinging into Tim Gajser’s favour. To add to Tony Cairoli’s woes has been his recent crashes at the last few rounds, culminating in a bad one at the start of moto two last weekend in Latvia. After being hit by following riders it was revealed that the 9-time world champ had dislocated his right shoulder. During the past week scans have revealed a lack of major damage, but Cairoli is still feeling pain from the joint. Further scans and examinations will take place in two weeks time to assess the progress of the injury. If things don’t go well then it could mean the Italian misses the two Indonesian GP’s as well as this weekends German round.

In MX2, Davy Pootjes had a hard hit to his ankle in last week’s qualifying race. Despite there being no major the injury, the ankle still needs further rest – forcing the Dutchman out of Teutschenthal.  

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