Interview: Artem Guryev

Russia’s Artem Guryev is competing in his own team at the European rounds of the MXGP class in 2019. Hear what Artem has to say about his experiences in the GP paddock in this interview:  

For this year we see you enter the MXGP class with your own team AG Racing. How did this come about and how big is AG Racing? How many people are involved?

The idea of ​​creating my own team appeared after I had experience with other teams. In fact, most teams take a lot of money from riders to participate in the World Championship, but also they have a large list of drawbacks and problems related for bikes and expeditions. For this year we’ve created AG Racing for ourselves, it’s my parents, girlfriend and my sponsors.

In 2015 you rode some MX2 GPs and you have also ridden EMX250 before. How does the level of MXGP in 2019 compare to these past experiences?

Of course, several times I participated in mx2 & emx250. I’m glad to have this experience, but MXGP class is a new high level and the big competition in the world. First, it’s 450 class powerful bikes and second this class made up of all elite riders. First top-20 riders already were on the podium of GP. All of them are very experienced and strong.

You are still young enough to ride in MX2, but you chose to ride MXGP. Why did you choose to do this?

Right. The decision was made on the basis of the budget level. Motorcycle 250 requires more tuning and motor service in order to be more competitive, it requires much more money.

Your home GP in Orlyonok did not go as planned for you. How did the crash happen in race one and how bad was your arm injury?

First race I was in 19th, going ahead of Alessandro Lupino, on the 15th minute of the race at one of the jumps, our lines crossed and we’ve hard crashed. I had got a huge hematoma with big size like tennis ball on my arm, at the medical center, it was drained by doctors and my hematoma was lowered. Than I feeling a little bit better, I decided to go the second race. On the 7th lap my arm was opened the bleeding and I felt the worst and I couldn’t to continue the race and dnf.

How has your riding changed this season? Do you find that you are adapting well to all the different types of track in MXGP?

Every MXGP race is complicated in own way. It’s so individual and you can’t find the same track this condition like on mxgp race. Each track needs personal training and special settings of bike, both technical and also physical condition. It’s my first year in MXGP class, I still don’t have enough time to do special tests with bikes and preparation experience to compete with such quality riders, but each race on this championship give me a great experience. So, just step by step and looking forward!

What are your hopes for the rest of 2019?

I will go all European events of MXGP Championship rounds, hope to be in top-20. Also I will go to some ADAC MX Masters Championship Events.

What is motocross like in Russia? Is the national championship a good standard? What sort of standard are the tracks?

It isn’t so popular sport in Russia like it is in Europe. For Russian people it is so expensive sport. It’s so hard to find the support. That why it’s difficult to find a good track for training, just only a couple of good tracks that are served and they are very far apart from each other. But last summer I participated in the National Championship of the Russian Far East – Kamchatka Peninsula, it really was on high level, so professional organization and great track! It will be great if all Russian Championships be like that!

What is the future for AG Racing? Will you carry on next season, will you be adding other riders, maybe younger riders?

I hope for the best. If I will have good support from sponsors, then of course I can consider other riders in my team.

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